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C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep IFC

Enable the Fluidigm easy single-cell gene expression, single-cell mRNA sequencing, single-cell DNA sequencing workflow, and microRNA Expression workflow.

Using integrated thermal and pneumatic control at nanoliter scale, all steps of the workflow, from capture to preamplification, can be contained and completed reproducibly within the AutoPrep IFC without intervention. No reagent mixing, transfer or addition is required.  It is easy to load, requires minimal hands-on time, reduces the risk of carryover contamination, and provides highly reliable data quality. Learn more about the C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System.

  • Specifically captures and prepares cells for genomic analysis
  • Newest microfluidic circuit design
  • Easy to load samples and reagents
  • Used in combination with validated scripts to support gene expression or mRNA sequencing
  • Optimized to isolate cells by cell size:
    • 5-10 micron new: for small cells such as stem cells and WBC
    • 10-17 micron: for medium cells such as iPS, progenitor cells, neurons, and others
    • 17-25 micron: for large cells such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes, cardiomyocytes, smooth muscle cells, and others



The C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep IFC

Dynamic Array™ IFC

Fluidigm Dynamic Array integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) deliver a new level of efficiency and throughput for real time PCR and genotyping applications. Dynamic Array IFCs have an on-chip network of microfluidic channels, chambers, and valves that automatically assemble individual PCR reactions, decreasing the number of pipetting steps required by up to 100 fold. Reusable chip formats have also been developed to dramatically decrease costs and increase throughput. The available chip formats are:

  • 192.24 - 192 samples x 24 assays (single use)
  • FR48.48 – 48 samples x 48 assays
    (reusable, SNP Genotyping use only)
  • 48.48 – 48 samples x 48 assays (single use)
  • 96.96 – 96 samples x 96 assays (single use)
  • FLEXsix – Six 12 samples x12 assays single use partitions (unused partitions can be used over 3 months from first run)


High Precision 96.96 Genotyping IFC

Digital Array™ IFC

The Fluidigm Digital Array integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) enables users to conduct digital PCR experiments. The digital array partitions a sample premixed with PCR reagents into hundreds of individual PCR reactions. This partitioning of the mixture allows the absolute quantification of target sequences. Digital PCR is a novel technique for PCR applications demanding extreme accuracy of copy number variation.

Using the Fluidigm Digital PCR technology, there are just five easy steps from setup to analysis to discovery.  See how it's done.

Digital Array IFC 192.24Dynamic Array™ 192.24 IFC

Access Array IFC

The Access Array IFC is the first commercially available microfluidic device which allows the user to recover the PCR product. It automatically assembles 2,304 unique PCR reactions, each reaction a combination of one of the 48 samples and one of the 48 primer inlets. Post PCR the product of 48 reactions per sample is harvested out of the Access Array IFC for downstream sequencing.

48.48 Access Array IFC

Quantitative Real-time Digital PCR IFC

Fluidigm provides the highest accuracy and throughput at the lowest costs-per-sample. Using the qdPCR 37K IFC, users can simultaneously collect both end-point and real-time data to quantitate and validate their results. The qdPCR 37K IFC can process up to 48 samples per run using up to four-plex target detection to provide the most data per sample.
Fluidigm Digital PCR technology requires just one pipetting step to go from sample to analysis. See how it's done.