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Cell Segmentation

High-multiplex analysis starts robust cell segmentation 

The advent of high-multiplex imaging techniques demands more accurate and reliable cell segmentation. A key analytical challenge to interpret the significant amount of data that comes from high-multiplex single-cell imaging approaches such as Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) is effective assignment of cellular borders. The IMC Cell Segmentation Kit facilitates an end-to-end workflow for single-cell data analytics and is an important first step to getting improved high-multiplex cell segmentation regardless of which pipeline is used.  

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Segment with confidence using the Innovative Solutions IMC Cell Segmentation Kit*. Benefit from a robust end-to-end workflow for single-cell data analytics for your high-multiplex Imaging Mass Cytometry data. 

The Cell Segmentation Kit contains three individual plasma membrane markers conjugated to 195Pt, 196Pt and 198Pt. These markers can be added to existing panels for improved nucleus and plasma membrane demarcation, enabling cell segmentation across multiple tissue types without taking channels away from your current panel. 

Get more information from the IMC Cell Segmentation Kit Information Sheet or the FAQ document. 

Learn more about the IMC Cell Segmentation Kit and request a quote here

*Innovative Solutions are a menu of custom-made reagents and workflows developed and tested by Fluidigm scientists to give faster access to new cutting-edge solutions for high-multiplex single-cell analysis. Innovative Solutions are not part of the Maxpar catalog. 


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