7th Annual Mass Cytometry Summit Seminars

See how mass cytometry helps scientists advance their research

Watch these recorded presentations of invited speakers at the 7th Annual Mass Cytometry Summit in Prague to hear them discuss scientific findings enabled by mass cytometry, including insights into immune system development, T cell exhaustion and more.

Don't miss out on the 8th Annual Fluidigm Mass Cytometry Summit, taking place from June 20-21, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

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Chotima Bottcher

Unraveling Human Microglial Heterogeneity

Chotima Böttcher, PhD
Senior Scientist and Principle Investigator of Molecular Psychiatry 
Charité, University Medicine Berlin


Petter Brodin

Advancing Human Systems Immunology

Petter Brodin, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Science for Life Laboratory Karolinska Institutet and Department of Neonatology
Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm


Bertram Bengsch

Linking T Cell Exhaustion to Disease with Mass Cytometry

Bertram Bengsch, MD, PhD
Group Leader, Department of Internal Medicine II
University Medical Center Freiburg


Henrik Mei

Mass Cytometry for Immune Profiling in Chronic Inflammation

Henrik Mei, PhD
Scientific Head of Mass Cytometry
DRFZ Berlin, a Leibniz Institute


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