600 Points of Insight for Cellular Phenotyping

Expand your mass cytometry universe with hundreds of new Maxpar antibodies

In the last year, we’ve more than doubled the number of off-the-shelf Maxpar metal-conjugated antibodies for immunophentoyping, oncology and cancer immunotherapy applications.

Helios™ mass cytometry empowers scientists with the world’s most sophisticated single-cell proteomics technology. Using CyTOF® technology, Helios is opening new doors to the discovery and monitoring of unique cell populations involved in health and disease by enabling simultaneous interrogation of dozens of markers on millions of individual cells.

In the last year alone, the number of off-the-shelf Maxpar® metal-conjugated antibodies has more than doubled, including those supporting immunophenotyping, oncology and cancer immunotherapy applications. Protein targets can be anywhere on a cell’s surface or in its cytoplasm, nucleus or internal organelles. With complete cellular profiling, you can identify novel cellular phenotypes, functional activity, signaling profiles and more.

Conjugated antibodies

The Fluidigm catalog features more than 600 metal-labeled antibodies and continues to grow. The broad selection significantly expands possibilities for discovery and monitoring on Fluidigm mass cytometry systems. Design your own custom panel to analyze immunity, cancer progression, cancer immunotherapy or other disease research targets.

Choose human or mouse targets for phenotyping, cytokine expression, signaling, apoptosis and cell cycle applications with any cell type that can be analyzed in single-cell suspension. You can also select from a collection of secondary antibodies against fluorophores, GFP and biotin. Hundreds of scientists have designed custom Maxpar antibody panels to study:

As additional proteomics markers are identified and the catalog of antibodies grows, so does your potential for discovery. Check back regularly for new antibodies, which are released monthly as demand grows.


Simplify your study and save time by using preconfigured screening panels for comprehensive phenotyping and probing functionality of defined cell populations. Each predesigned panel is optimized with proven cellular markers and high-performing antibody combinations to maximize performance.

Some of the most sought-after panel kits include the Human Peripheral Blood Phenotyping Panel Kit, the Human T Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit and the Mouse Spleen/Lymph Node Phenotyping Panel Kit. You can also supplement the predesigned and pretested panels with additional individual catalog antibodies to tailor them for your own research needs.

Custom conjugation services

When your study calls for new antibodies or specific antibody configurations, consult our team of experts for custom conjugation services to tailor your antibody panels for collecting high-impact data.

Our custom conjugation services speed you from design to discovery with made-to-order metal labeling for antibodies not currently listed in the Maxpar catalog, or alternative metal tagging for all listed items. You can choose from 37 non-overlapping pure metal tags.

Whether you are developing a new mass cytometry panel or seeking to expand the number of available markers on an existing panel, Fluidigm Maxpar metal-conjugated antibodies, predesigned panels and custom conjugation services can help you advance your research.

Visit our catalog to learn more, or contact us.

April 2016