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With more than 1,000 publications and counting, Biomark is a rising star in PCR

Biomark HD overview

Achieve new economies of scale across multiple applications, all on the same system.

  • qPCR for gene and miRNA expression
  • Genotyping
  • Copy number variation
  • Digital PCR

IFC: Get more results per sample. Each sample is partitioned across the total number of PCR assays included in your setup, with up to 96 PCR assays per individual sample. Choose Biomark application-specific IFCs from Flex Six™ to 192.24 (accommodating up to 12 samples and 192 samples per processing run, respectively) and scale up from a pilot study to full scale, without changing technologies.


D3 assay design services: Fluidigm offers expert support services to assist you with developing tailored panels to fit your research projects.

The proven Biomark™ HD automated PCR system continues to empower research advances around the globe. Using the Biomark system’s range of genomic applications, laboratories are reaching new levels of cost efficiency and scalability. Learn why so many scientists rely on this powerful PCR platform and the research it enables.

Growing reference library

You can directly access the growing list of peer publications using the Biomark HD system page in the Support section at Search, select and save any of the hundreds of Biomark papers by application, year or journal. You can also find publication titles by disease areas like immuno-oncology or select from a list of topics relevant across all product lines.

Immunotherapy publication spotlight

A 2016 immuno-oncology study published in The Lancet describes the experimental approach of a multicenter cancer clinical trial conducted on the PD-L1 antibody (atezolizumab). In the paper, Atezolizumab versus docetaxel for patients with previously treated non-small-cell lung cancer, Louis Fehrenbacher et al. discuss selecting 12 genes related to immune cell biology and performing Biomark gene expression analysis with the 96.96 IFC and TaqMan® assays on FFPE tumor samples. The team found that atezolizumab improved overall survival in patients with tumors characterized by high gene expression of a T effector and interferon γ gene signature. This important publication concluded that Biomark gene expression analysis contributes to understanding cancer immunotherapy and provides a starting point for developing future predictive biomarkers.

The Biomark HD platform

A flexible system for mid-to-high-throughput gene expression, genotyping, CNV analysis, end-point PCR and digital PCR, Biomark HD delivers significant cost efficiencies over traditional plate-based qPCR methods. Biomark HD reduces the cost per sample by miniaturizing sample and reagent consumption to nanoliter volumes while minimizing hands-on time.

Combine proven, automated workflows with a complete line of IFCs supporting a range of sample and assay numbers to scale to higher sample throughput easily—without changing instruments or technologies.

  • Flexible: Access multiple high-performance genomic applications, all on a single system. Easily configure automated workflows with commercial assays and reagents like TaqMan and Delta Gene™ with flexible panel design. Add or remove PCR assays over time, so your assay panel will always be up to date with minimal overhead.
  • Efficient: The Biomark system’s significant operational cost efficiencies make it a must-have for mid-to-high-throughput projects. Nanoliter reaction volumes translate to lower master mix, reagent and consumable outlays. And it’s less labor-intensive, thanks to automated operation capabilities that you can set to run unattended.
  • Scalable: With Biomark, you can seamlessly scale your project design using the same technology—from small pilot studies of up to 12 samples per run to larger experiments with as many as 192 samples per run. With greater efficiencies and higher throughput than traditional methods, you can efficiently manage throughput demands and achieve results, within project timelines.
  • Trusted: Achieve high-quality results with performance comparable to established qPCR platforms that serve critical gene expression and genotyping applications in cancer, immunotherapy and other areas of translational and clinical research.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.