Attaining Critical Mass

Our customer inspiration center offers a firsthand view of mass cytometry in action

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  • 600 Points of Insight for Cellular Phenotyping: Expand your mass cytometry universe with this introduction to hundreds of new Maxpar® antibody options.

As part of our ongoing commitment to support our customers and aid in their success, we’ve opened a Fluidigm customer inspiration center in Markham, Ontario, the area of Greater Toronto that is Canada’s tech capital and the birthplace of mass cytometry. We developed this functional facility to provide customers with a firsthand view of CyTOF® technology on Helios™, the most advanced mass cytometry system ever built.

“Our new mass cytometry customer inspiration center was developed in response to increasing interest from our customers,” said Dmitry Bandura, Vice President of Research and Development at Fluidigm. “While our new center will initially enable demonstrations of mass cytometry, we plan to expand this center in the future to include training courses to certify new users on best practices using this transformational technology.”

Mass cytometry continues to make news. Hundreds of peer-reviewed publications cite mass cytometry’s instrumental role in revealing novel insights in health and disease. Uniquely enabling high-parameter analysis of millions of cells at single-cell resolution, Helios empowers researchers to transcend the limitations of flow cytometry. Investigators can efficiently design and implement highly multiplexed antibody panels across numerous cell surface and intracellular protein markers.

With more than 600 preconjugated antibody options and the flexibility to conjugate new antibodies for tailored experiments, mass cytometry is fast becoming a standard method for deeply profiling precious translational and clinical research samples across cancer, immunology, cancer immunotherapy and other critical areas of research.

The opening of the new customer inspiration center reflects our passion to fuel new discoveries and insights at single-cell resolution. Together with you, we look forward to extending the power of mass cytometry around the world in our ongoing mission to advance understanding of human health and complex diseases.

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