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Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay and Workflow

The Biomark HD advantage

The flexible Biomark HD system provides scalable performance to meet the complex needs of the molecular research laboratory. Achieve new economies of scale across multiple applications, all on the same system:

  • qPCR for gene and miRNA expression
  • Genotyping
  • Copy number variation
  • Digital PCR

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Reveal the molecular signatures of tumor immune response

Tumor gene expression has proven effective in measuring immune response during cancer progression and therapeutic response. As emerging therapies reveal new biomarkers and expand the need for samples, the costs and labor required to complete this important work also rise. Cancer researchers now have a reliable, sensitive and cost-effective toolset for identifying gene expression signatures from immune and cancer cells: the Advanta™ IO Gene Expression Assay, used with the Biomark™ HD system.

A powerful immuno-oncology focused assay

The Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay was developed in collaboration with leading researchers in the biopharmaceutical industry to provide the right balance of biomarker breadth, assay flexibility and workflow efficiency.

The panel consists of 170 genes, including 91 reported in Nature, where Roy Herbst et al. defined a gene set representing tumor and immune response. The panel includes markers for:

  • Immune cell identification
  • Immune and cancer cell function
  • Immune regulation and cell fate
  • Checkpoint therapy response

Optimized for FFPE and fresh frozen tumor samples, the Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay uses TaqMan® chemistry to sensitively measure gene expression, with five reference genes serving as analysis controls. Combined with Fluidigm microfluidics technology, the assay uniquely offers significant workflow efficiencies over traditional gene expression profiling methods. Each reaction is miniaturized to nanoliter volume and controlled using precise automation to empower accurate and cost-effective qPCR analysis across a large dynamic range. Since assay introduction into the integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) is under user control, researchers also have the flexibility to add up to 17 new assays or exchange gene assays within the panel to achieve experimental goals—all without affecting the original panel content, protocol or workflow.

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER to learn more about the Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay workflow using the Biomark HD system, and to see the list of gene expression targets covered in the assay.

Sample case study

In a 2016 paper published by The Lancet for the POPLAR study, “Atezolizumab versus docetaxel for patients with previously treated non-small-cell lung cancer,” Louis Fehrenbacher et al. detailed how they “assessed efficacy and safety of atezolizumab versus docetaxel in previously treated NSCLC, analyzed by PD-L1 expression levels on tumor cells and tumor-infiltrating immune cells and in the intention-to-treat population.” The team showed that “patients with pre-existing immunity, defined by high T-effector–interferon-γ-associated gene expression, had improved overall survival with atezolizumab.”

Fehrenbacher’s group noted that atezolizumab “significantly improved survival compared with docetaxel in patients with previously treated NSCLC. Improvement correlated with PD-L1 immunohistochemistry expression on tumor cells and tumor-infiltrating immune cells,” leading them to conclude: “PD-L1 expression is predictive for atezolizumab benefit. Atezolizumab was well tolerated, with a safety profile distinct from chemotherapy.”

The researchers performed the clinical trial using immunohistochemistry, and also ran a gene expression panel of 91 genes featured in the Herbst paper. These genes are included in the Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay. The team subsequently used these results to develop a gene signature based on a subset of the panel, effectively predicting therapeutic response that provides data that could potentially be used for developing future diagnostics tests.

Achieve greater overall productivity

The Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay is optimized to run on the powerful and flexible Biomark HD system. This automated system enables researchers to easily run from 24 to 96 samples at once with limited hands-on time, while delivering trusted performance. Together with the capability to sensitively detect biomarkers across defined T cell subsets, immune regulation, immune cell fate, cytokines, chemokines and more with exceptional cost-efficiency, this assay offers an ideal solution to meet the rigorous demands of translational research studies.

Ordering Information

Each assay kit contains reagents and assays for preamplification and gene expression, along with IFCs and Control Line Fluid. Assays for the 24.192 IFC are provided in dried-down form. Assays for the 96.96 IFC are provided in liquid form.

Product Name Part Number
Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay—Panels A & B, GE 24.192, 2 IFCs 101-7678
Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay—Panel A, GE 96.96, 2 IFCs 101-6082
Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay—Panel B, GE 96.96, 2 IFCs 101-6083
Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay—Panels A & B, GE 96.96, 4 IFCs 101-6084
Recommended Products Sold Separately Part Number
Advanta IO Gene Expression Control 1 101-7676
Advanta FFPE RNA Extraction Kit 101-6773
GO Immuno-Oncology Workbench* 101-6819

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