Built to Scale

Juno Targeted DNA Seq Library Prep delivers greater NGS scalability and efficiency

Juno™ Targeted DNA Seq Library Prep overview

Juno: Maximize efficiency and scalability with automated NGS library preparation workflows. Optimized for use with Illumina® MiniSeq™, MiSeq™, NextSeq™ and HiSeq®.

IFC: Use Juno LP 192.24 or LP 48.48 IFCs to accommodate up to 192 or 48 samples per processing batch, respectively.

D3 assay design services: Customize your experiment with full support services, expert design algorithms and assay primer delivery. Fluidigm will help you design a high performing NGS panel including up to 4,800 amplicon assays.

Reagents: Optimize experiments using fully kitted reagents and customized amplicon assay primers to generate NGS-ready targeted DNA amplicon libraries. Sample barcoding enables you to multiplex up to 1,536 samples during an Illumina sequencing run.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been instrumental in advancing the understanding of human health and disease. Growing demand for sequencing around the world is driving the need for workflow improvements and cost efficiencies.

Enter Juno™, the industry’s only fully programmed benchtop nanofluidics system, built to scale genomics workflows to optimum efficiency. The platform’s newest commercial application is targeted DNA sequencing library prep, which includes everything needed to prepare NGS-ready libraries including integrated custom assay design services.

High capacity

Juno library prep is optimized for use with Illumina® sequencing systems, bringing new sequencing efficiencies to labs running targeted NGS assays on the mid- to high-throughput scale. With processing capacity of up to 192 samples per run, sample throughput is at least twice that of other systems available today. One operator with a single Juno instrument can prepare up to 1,536 NGS-ready targeted DNA libraries weekly. For labs processing smaller batch sizes, Juno provides the same benefits of expedient turnaround time and walkaway workflow, yielding highly consistent NGS-ready amplicon libraries.


Juno library prep chemistry enables a range of assay panel options. You can amplify up to 4,800 amplicons per sample, access expert design services and ready-to-use primer delivery. Plus, the ability to add amplicon assays over time ensures your panel content stays up to date. Additionally, Juno targeted DNA library prep for NGS can operate overnight without monitoring, maximizing productivity over 24 hours.

“We are pleased to announce the Juno Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System as an expansion of our growing portfolio of automated genomic workflows that increase laboratory efficiency for medium-to-high-throughput pipelines,” said Steve McPhail, General Manager of Clinical and Applied Markets at Fluidigm. “We are now able to offer our customers a significant improvement over the largely manual, low-throughput and laborious NGS library preparation workflows used today.”

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