Cell Sorting Directly to the C1 IFC

Maximize cell viability in IFCs when capturing rare and delicate subpopulations

The C1™ system provides the widest range of automated single-cell applications in the industry, from gene expression profiling to genomic and epigenetic analysis. With more than 150 peer-reviewed publications, the C1 system has empowered significant research breakthroughs in the understanding of cell diversity and function in cancer, neurology, immunology and cardiovascular and stem cell biology.

The key to successful single-cell studies is preparing high-quality suspensions with maximum cell viability and minimum cell stress and debris. Whether you are working with cultured cells or with samples freshly isolated from tissue, cell quality is a critical factor for ensuring optimal results in single-cell datasets.

Now you can load enriched cell populations obtained by flow cytometric cell sorting directly into the C1 IFC (integrated fluidic circuit) to obtain rare subpopulations of cells with high purity and viability.

Benefits of this new application include:

A streamlined workflow that’s gentler and reduces cell losses as compared to sorting into a microfuge tube and then transferring to C1.
Reduced sample processing time.
Improved capture efficiency for neurons and immune cells.

To learn more, download the application note Cell Sorting Directly to the C1 IFC and the associated C1 cell sorting workbook today.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.