CyTOF and Mass Cytometry’s Massive Leap

Simplify your research with an assay panel design tool, new antibodies & publications

We're working hard to help you work smarter. Mass cytometry is an end-to-end solution combining reagents, off-the-shelf preconjugated antibodies, data analysis and instrumentation for high-parameter single-cell protein research. Streamlined experimental design is even simpler with our new interactive web-based panel design tool. We’re continually growing our catalog of preconjugated antibodies to help your lab generate data faster in the quest to uncover hidden drivers of biological systems.

Mass cytometry's expanding breadth and depth empower researchers to answer questions that hadn’t even been imagined previously. CyTOF users are publishing results of novel discoveries at the functional protein level; you can find that research on this page. We're doing our best to help you work smarter so you'll choose Fluidigm as your lab partner.

Here are some fresh product highlights you'll want to know about, along with updated CyTOF mass cytometry research citations. Visit Helios to learn more, or contact us.

Maxpar panel designer

An interactive web application to simplify and optimize panel design, the Maxpar® panel designer uses metal-conjugated antibodies from the Fluidigm catalog and custom conjugates. The tool calculates predicted signal overlap for each panel and provides a visualization and algorithm for optimizing each target's metal tag selections for peak performance. Save, export and share panels with collaborators and import reports with CyTOF instrument software.

To access Maxpar antibodies, select "Design" in the Fluidigm custom assay application.

New Maxpar metal-conjugated antibodies

To accelerate your research, we’re constantly adding off-the-shelf metal-conjugated antibodies to our existing catalog. There are already 13 predefined panel kits and more than 300 antibodies available. Review the newest selections, or review the full Maxpar catalog.

Mass cytometry inroads

Researchers around the world are discovering potentially world-changing advances using CyTOF. See our collection of relevant research citations below, or download the Mass Cytometry Publications list.

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