Human Immune Monitoring

Introducing a groundbreaking approach to comprehensive human immune monitoring


Identify and deeply profile all major leukocyte populations in human PBMC.

Maximize valuable information from limited or precious samples.

Obtain trusted results with the pre-optimized mass cytometry panel.

Whether researchers are following the immune response to treatments for cancer, infection or autoimmune disease, or searching for biomarkers of disease onset and progression, they need a comprehensive, reliable method to monitor changes in immune cell populations.

Mass cytometry has proven to be a uniquely empowering platform for immune profiling and biomarker discovery. Now, Fluidigm makes this powerful technology more accessible than ever with the Maxpar® Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit designed for use on Helios™, a CyTOF® system.

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The Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit

This 29-marker panel kit maximizes the information obtained from every drop of precious sample, enabling identification of over 25 key immune cell populations, all in a single tube (Figure 1).

Human Immune Kit - figure 1

Figure 1. Cell subsets that can be identified with the single-tube Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit.

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Panel Kit Contents and Workflow

Whether you are new to mass cytometry or are a seasoned pro, the Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit provides the most convenient and efficient approach to identifying all major immune subsets in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).

This kit contains all reagents needed to prepare PBMC samples for mass cytometric analysis on Helios, plus:

  • 29 individually packaged, pre-titrated antibodies ready to use straight from the kit to prepare the antibody cocktail
  • A detailed, kit-specific protocol for sample preparation, instrument setup and sample collection on Helios systems
  • A Helios acquisition template pre-populated with the appropriate parameter names and metals required
Antibody (Clone) Metal Antibody (Clone) Metal
CD45 (HI30) 89Y CD28 (CD28.2) 160Gd
CD196/CCR6 (G034E3) 141Pr CD66b (80H3) 162Dy
CD19 (HIB19) 142Nd CD183/CXCR3 (G025H7) 163Dy
CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5) 143Nd CD161 (HP-3G10) 164Dy
CD38 (HIT2) 144Nd CD45RO (UCHL1) 165Ho
IgD (IA6-2) 146Nd CD24 (ML5) 166Er
CD11c (Bu15) 147Sm CD197/CCR7 (G043H7) 167Er
CD16 (3G8) 148Nd CD8 (SK1) 168Er
CD194/CCR4 (L291H4) 149Sm CD25 (2A3) 169Tm
CD123/IL-3R (6H6) 151Eu CD20 (2H7) 171Yb
TCRgd (11F2) 152Sm HLA-DR (L243) 173Yb
CD185/CXCR5 (RF8B2) 153Eu CD4 (SK3) 174Yb
CD3 (UCHT1) 154Sm CD14 (M5E2) 175Lu
CD45RA (HI100) 155Gd CD56 (NCAM16.2) 176Yb
CD27 (L128) 158Gd

Table 1. The 29 anti-human antibodies included in the Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit. The eight open channels are 145Nd, 150Nd, 156Gd, 159Tb, 161Dy, 170Er, 172Yb, 209Bi.

Human Immune Kit Workflow - figure 2

Figure 2. Workflow for the Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit. No panel design or antibody titrations need to be performed. Stain PBMC samples according to the custom protocol provided, collect data on a Helios or CyTOF 2-to-Helios instrument using the customized kit acquisition template, and analyze samples.

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Data analysis options are flexible

FCS 3.0 data files are generated when acquiring samples with the Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit on Helios and can be analyzed by any capable third-party software tool. Manual gating can be performed with third-party software tools such as Cytobank.

Automated analysis software such as GemStone™ can also be used, providing the following features:

  • Automated gating of viable single cells
  • 2D dot plot and cell stage progression profiles
  • High-dimensional Cen-se’™ map of identified populations
  • Sample report for each population, with cell number, percent of total cells and percent of parent population

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