Hyperion Imaging System Wins First Award

The Analytical Scientist names Imaging Mass Cytometry the year’s No. 1 innovation

Hyperion Imaging System

The Hyperion™ Imaging System brings together imaging capability with proven CyTOF® technology to facilitate Imaging Mass Cytometry™ applications. This allows highly multiplexed immunohistochemistry enabling the simultaneous analysis of 4 to 37 protein markers. Deep interrogation of tissues or tumors at subcellular resolution can empower the identification of new prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers and provide key insights into disease progression, response to therapy or drug mechanisms in the future.

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The Hyperion™ Imaging System received first place in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards, or TASIAs. Judges named it the top innovation of 2017, commending the platform that “combines tissue imaging with cytometry, allowing correlation between biomarkers and cell interactions. This technology has the potential to be truly transformative.”

Editor Charlotte Barker of The Analytical Scientist said, “Now in year five, The Innovation Awards continue to shine a light on the instruments and technologies that are having a big impact across the analytical sciences. We had a record number of entries this year and the final 15 reflect the full spectrum of analytical advances, from ingenious software for managing impurity data, to transformative MS imaging technology.”

The Hyperion Imaging System has the potential to revolutionize disease research by providing unprecedented visualization of complex cellular phenotypes and their relationships in the context of cancer, immuno-oncology and a range of immune mediated diseases. The potential ability to develop better diagnostics and more effective therapies stands to change the future of health care.

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