Immuno-Oncology Articles Highlight Use of Imaging Mass Cytometry

Get informed: three 5-minute immuno-oncology articles

Get informed: three 5-minute immuno-oncology articles

These three selected pieces highlight how immuno-oncology investigations can be done using Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™). In less than five minutes you can read any one of these articles and learn how IMC can be a key component in immuno-oncology research.

Learn from researchers Kurt Schalper and Akil Merchant how IMC is furthering their research in this article on highly multiplexed imaging in immuno-oncology.

Highly multiplexed imaging in IO

Learn in this application note how Imaging Mass Cytometry was applied to a human lung carcinoma sample.

IMC IO application note

Read an interview with Bernd Bodenmiller on how he views Imaging Mass Cytometry as one way to get past obstacles in immuno-oncology research.

Bernd Bodenmiller

Watch seminars that offer insights on IMC in immuno-oncology research or download the Hyperion Imaging System brochure.

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