2nd Annual Imaging Mass Cytometry User Group Meeting Recap

Imaging Mass Cytometry User Group Meeting 2018 Recap

The 2018 Imaging Mass Cytometry™ User Group Meeting (IMC™ UGM) was held September 10–11 in Seattle, where almost 120 members of the global IMC community came together to share stories, present best practices and data analysis tips and highlight insights in health and disease that are being uncovered using the Hyperion™ Imaging System. Attendees also had plenty of time to network with the fast-growing IMC community, catch up with old friends, meet new colleagues and start exciting collaborations.

Below you can scroll through pictures and see what attendees had to say about this year’s meeting. You can also download the meeting program and meeting summary, watch a short video, hear researchers talk about their work and why they use Imaging Mass Cytometry to further their research, and watch selected presentations from the meeting.

Seattle Art Museum Bodenmiller kicks off the meeting

The Seattle Art Museum was a lovely setting. Here are attendees enjoying a long luncheon that provided networking time and open access to the art exhibits.

Bernd Bodenmiller kicks the meeting off with an excellent keynote presentation on Analysis of Disease Progression in 3D Tissue Ecosystems by Imaging Mass Cytometry.

“This is an awesome meeting, looking forward to next year (and the years following). I appreciate the user-centric nature of the meeting and the openness of sharing between the IMC community.”
—Libere Ndacayisaba, University of Southern California

“Well done, it was an enjoyable and informative meeting. Looking forward to next year!”
—Santhosh Sivajothi, The Jackson Laboratory

Data Analysis left Data Analyist right

The data analysis and best practices panel discussions addressed many questions and sparked lively discussion.

“The program, information shared, resulting questions from attendees, and engagement after the sessions will be quite useful as we move ahead with adopting IMC.”
—Patrick Reeves, Massachusetts General Hospital

Enjoyable Evening left Enjoyable Evening right

An enjoyable evening at the IMC UGM reception at the Seattle Aquarium—dinner and starfish!

“This was a well-run event. Beautiful venues. The aquarium was great!”
—Robert Brockett, Visiopharm®

Speakers included left Speakers included center Speakers included right

Speakers included Stephanie Ling of AstraZeneca on Using Imaging Mass Cytometry and Mass Spectrometry Imaging to Understand the Role of Tissue and Tumor Heterogeneity in Drug Delivery, Response and Resistance; Dmitry Bandura, of Fluidigm, on Advances in Imaging Mass Cytometry; and Tom Ashhurst of the University of Sydney on Using Imaging Mass Cytometry to Track Immune Responses in Viral Encephalitis.

“Great array of speakers on a variety of topics from different aspects within the pipeline.”
—Karen Legg, University of Toronto

Optional Tuesday left Optional Tuesday right

At an optional Tuesday afternoon Q&A session, Clare Rogers of Fluidigm talks about mass cytometry and panel design and Monirath Hav of the University of Southern California covers the topic IMC Workflow from a Pathologist’s Perspective.

“Fluidigm has an excellent team and I love working with them!”
—Mohan Singh, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Coffee breaks left   Coffee breaks right

Coffee breaks and a luncheon provided time for networking.

“Excellent opportunity to meet other people within the community. I had detailed discussion with lots of other users over breaks.”
—Katrina Todd, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Meeting Program and Summary

At this year’s meeting we had an agenda full of exceptional presentations, discussions and time for networking. Download the 2nd Annual Imaging Mass Cytometry User Group Meeting program to see the agenda and speaker and optional session abstracts.

There’s also a meeting summary that will provide some additional insights into meeting highlights and key topics discussed.

Testimonial Video

We asked a few IMC UGM attendees to comment on their research and how using the Hyperion Imaging System would help propel their research forward. Here’s a 60-second synopsis:

Interview Videos

A few researchers shared their stories at the recent IMC UGM. Frits Koning, Jen Gommerman and Tom Ashhurst have been using Imaging Mass Cytometry to gain insights into their topics—intestinal disease research, multiple sclerosis and viral infections in the brain—and Stephen Oh explained why he is excited to get his new system installed soon so he can start using IMC in his lab.

Frits Koning, PhD
Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion
Leiden University Medical Center

Jen Gommerman, PhD
Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
Department of Immunology
University of Toronto

Tom Ashhurst, BSc
High-Dimensional Cytometry Specialist
Sydney Cytometry Facility
University of Sydney

Stephen Oh, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine, Hematology Division
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis


Watch IMC UGM presentations from Frits Koning (Imaging the Unimaginable with Imaging Mass Cytometry) and Jen Gommerman (Using IMC to Better Understand Mechanisms of Multiple Sclerosis Disease Progression).

Previously recorded seminars from Bernd Bodenmiller and Akil Merchant and a recent webinar from Kurt Schalper are also available for viewing.

Watch these selected presentations from the IMC UGM.


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