3rd Annual Imaging Mass Cytometry User Group Meeting Recap

Imaging Mass Cytometry User Group Meeting 2019 Recap

The 3rd Annual Imaging Mass Cytometry™ User Group Meeting (IMC™ UGM) was held October 3–4 at the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel. A lively, energetic and growing IMC community gathered at the UGM to learn, collaborate, build meaningful relationships, gain fresh perspectives, share research insights, meet software providers and have fun in a great European city!

  • Over 125 attendees came together to discuss Imaging Mass Cytometry.
  • The two-day session featured 22 speakers and panelists. Two panel discussions focused on data analysis and the state of Imaging Mass Cytometry today.
  • More than half the attendees participated in a daylong data analysis workshop prior to the UGM.


See the full program here.

Read the press announcement that invited researchers to the global IMC Conference here.

The attendees came from a variety of backgrounds with broad research interests ranging from immuno-oncology and oncology to neurobiology. You can see their responses to the sessions in the presentation and educational videos below. Other research presentations and panel discussions will soon be available online.

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Fluidigm CEO, Chris Linthwaite, kicks off IMC UGM. Presentations addressed topics including highly multiplexed IMC in tissue.

Chris Linthwaite, Fluidigm CEO, kicked off the IMC UGM with a welcome address.

Research presentations addressed a wide range of topics focusing on highly multiplexed IMC in tissue.

“I feel that the IMC User Group is a key component of the highly multiplexed community.”
—Denis Schapiro, Harvard Medical School

Mina Lakshman, Fluidigm Director of IMC Product Management, delivers introductory comments at the UGM. One of two panels discusses questions about managing IMC and collaborating within a core lab setting.

Fluidigm Director of IMC Product Management Mina Lakshman delivered introductory comments at the UGM.

One of two panel discussions addressed questions about managing IMC and collaborating within a core lab setting.

“The User Group Meetings are an excellent way to network and to talk to other people, and I think in the IMC community, there is a very collaborative atmosphere.”
—Kevin Kelly, Keck School of Medicine of USC

The keynote presentation was given by Bernd Bodenmiller, University of Zurich. Fluidigm specialists and software providers, Visiopharm® and Indica Labs interact with researchers in the Networking Lounge.

Bernd Bodenmiller, University of Zurich, made the keynote presentation, Imaging Mass Cytometry: A Powerful Tool for Precision Medicine.

The Networking Lounge allowed researchers to interact with Fluidigm specialists and two software providers, Visiopharm® and Indica Labs.

“I think there's a lot of information to be gained and lessons learned from other people who have been working in the system. It seems that it's a very open and friendly community. So, I find that to be very welcoming.”
—Kyong‐Mi Chang, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Presentation Videos

Some of our UGM attendees discussed their research and how the Hyperion™ Imaging System helped them meet their research objectives. View presentations by Salma Sheikh‐Mohamed, University of Toronto, and Thomas Ashhurst, University of Sydney.

Interview Videos

Philip Hobson, Deputy Head of Flow Cytometry at The Francis Crick Institute, explains how the Hyperion Imaging System has been a key driver in their research.

Keep checking this space for new presentation videos and interviews coming soon!


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