Insights Powered by Mass Cytometry

Investigators Share Their Experience

Mass cytometry is fast becoming an industry standard for deep cellular profiling in translational and clinical research, referenced by hundreds of peer-reviewed publications around the world.

Download this compendium of mass cytometry research applications to hear from six investigators who share how this transformative technology is allowing them to reveal new insights in health and disease. Within this compendium you’ll also find a brief history of mass cytometry, an overview of the technology and information on the high-dimensional data analysis options provided by Cytobank.

We hope you enjoy learning about the unique insights mass cytometry brought to the researchers below in the areas of hematology/oncology, tumor biology, autoimmune disease and basic immunology.


Table of Contents for Insights Powered by Mass Cytometry

Dmitry Bandura

Mass Cytometry for Discovery and Functional Profiling: An Introduction to the Technology
Dmitry Bandura

Sean Bendall Unlocking the Potential of Mass Cytometry
Sean Bendall
Stanford University
Kara Davis Discovering Normal to Better Understand Abnormal: Searching for an Improved ALL Diagnosis
Dr. Kara Davis
Stanford University
Kavita Dhodapkar Profiling T Cell Diversity in Solid Tumors with Mass Cytometry
Dr. Kavita Dhodapkar
Yale University School of Medicine
Petter Brodin Understanding Variation in the Human Immune System
Dr. Petter Brodin
Karolinska Institutet
Sonia Gavasso Tackling Dynamic Complexity to Understand Immunotherapy Responses in Multiple Sclerosis
Sonia Gavasso
University of Bergen
Zohar Sachs Single-Cell Insights into AML Cancer Biology
Dr. Zohar Sachs
University of Minnesota
Hannah Polikowski Mass Cytometry Processing with Cytobank
Hannah Polikowsky

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