Juno Wins IBO Gold Award for Industrial Design

Instrument Business Outlook places the Juno genotyping system ‘in a class by itself’

The Juno™ SNP genotyping system by Fluidigm is the 2015 winner of the Instrument Business Outlook Gold Award for lab instrument industrial design. The innovative styling that makes Juno so visually appealing on the outside also provides an enhanced user experience from the inside. Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) praised Juno for being “in a class by itself.”

The IBO Design Awards recognize originality, functionality and utility advances in analytical instrument engineering. IBO, a life sciences market data and analysis provider, established the annual competition in 2006 to foster ideas and support standout creators whose works contribute to society and make a positive difference in the world.

As noted in the August 15 issue of IBO, “Juno resembles a high-end consumer electronic device with a distinct aesthetic appeal embodied by its angled profile, unique casing texture and patterns, sharp lines and novel color scheme. The system’s bold but sophisticated appearance attracts and engages the user, as well as highlights its advanced technology and brand identity.”

“We’re honored to receive this prestigious prize,” said Steve McPhail, General Manager of Applied Markets. “Juno was the first Fluidigm system released as part of our industrial design and brand relaunch in November 2014.” Developed with creative firm fuseproject, Juno uses Fluidigm integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) technology to automate and simplify sample preparation. “Soon,” McPhail added, “Juno will be a universal sample preparation device for all Fluidigm genomic assays.”

In addition to the IBO Award, the International Design Awards named Juno winner of the 2015 IDA Gold Award for professional industrial design and scientific design. The new Fluidigm branding and logo launched in November 2014 also received Honorable Mention—a first for life sciences.