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Combinatorial, single-cell approaches to explore the complexity of biologic systems

In this webinar, recorded on October 27, 2015, learn how single-cell analysis tools are helping researchers dissect and understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying cancer and resistance to therapy.

We know that cellular heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment complicates the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Tumors are complex, dynamic systems composed of diverse cell types in various functional states, including cancer cells and infiltrating immune cells. Resolving this cellular heterogeneity requires a single-cell approach, as analyses on bulk cell preparations mask the heterogeneity and complexity of the biological system and may lead researchers down the wrong path.

Cutting-edge single-cell analysis tools for exploring the genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic states of both tumor and related immune cells are enabling researchers to understand system heterogeneity, identify cells with previously unrecognized phenotypes and elucidate important therapeutic mechanisms.

Human solid tumor cytomics: revealing novel melanoma and immune cell subsets

 Jonathan Irish  Jonathan M. Irish, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Cancer Biology,
Vanderbilt University

Tumors are composed of diverse cell types, including cancer cells that can differentially evade therapy and immune cells that may aid or impede treatment. This webinar will highlight high-content single-cell approaches developed by the Irish lab for systems immunology and cancer biology studies of human solid tumors, including melanoma and brain cancer. It will also discuss technical and biological quality controls, computational analysis and the strengths of combining single-cell approaches, such as mass cytometry, phospho-flow, imaging, transcript profiling and sequencing. These cytomic approaches are especially powerful for dissecting cellular mechanisms of treatment response, monitoring key biomarkers and precise targeting of clinically relevant cell subsets.

Single-cell analysis tools for discovery

 Manisha Ray   Manisha Ray, PhD
Single-cell analysis expert, 
Fluidigm Corporation

Manisha Ray will guide you through the newest Fluidigm technologies for single cell analysis at the genomic, proteomic and transcriptomic levels.