Prime Time for Juno

Time magazine ranks Juno among ‘25 Best Inventions of 2015’


Juno genotyping brochure

Juno genotyping infographic

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In its annual lineup of innovative products that make the world smarter, simpler, more sustainable and even more enjoyable, Time magazine chose Juno™ as one of the 25 best of the year. Besides being the most advanced high-throughput sample prep system available—fast, powerful and easy to use for genotyping, gene expression and targeted sequencing—the instrument is a sensory masterpiece. Renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar and his firm fuseproject delivered visual and tactile aesthetics that are intended to delight, including a modern exterior casing and an intuitive user interface that’s a true game changer for life sciences.

Juno genotypes even the most challenging samples, fast and with walkaway ease. Leading scientists are already adopting the Juno platform for research on crop genetics and livestock management to improve world food supplies and on marine life and fisheries to sustain waterways and populations. Looking forward, we also see great potential for the Juno technology to advance genetic testing and help enable the future of precision medicine.

There’s more in store for 2016 and beyond. Juno automated NGS library prep reduces costs by 60 percent; shrinks hands-on time by half; and doubles sample throughput. Learn more about what Juno can do for you.