Raising the Bar for Single-Cell mRNA Seq

A whole transcriptome C1 workflow that enhances sensitivity and GC-rich coverage

A Quick Peek at SMART-Seq v4

Order the kit from Clontech and download the new script from Script Hub with no IFC or hardware changes needed. The Clontech SMART-Seq v4 kit offers multiple advantages over the original v1 chemistry:

  • Higher sensitivity detects up to 25% more transcripts.
  • cDNA yield is up to 68% higher.
  • Increased accuracy means more reproducible coverage across transcripts.
  • Lower per-cell price provides up to a 30% discount compared to v1.
  • SMART-Seq v4 runs on existing C1 mRNA Seq and Open App IFCs.
  • Reliable performance data supports SMART-Seq v4 for various cells types.
  • The SMART-Seq v1 kit is still available for existing v1 projects.

Single-cell analysis is essential for revealing the breadth of diversity in complex tissues. It plays a critical role in understanding states of health and disease. To accelerate discovery of novel cell populations and understand their functional significance in cancer research, developmental biology and neuroimmunology, researchers need innovative chemistries that detect more genes with greater accuracy.

The Clontech® SMART-Seq® v4 Ultra® Low Input Kit for the Fluidigm® C1™ System reagent chemistry delivers higher sensitivity than previously available, and at a lower price point. To get started, download the protocol script from the Script Hub™ portal for C1 applications. Plug the script into your existing C1 system software. No upgrades or IFC swaps are required, so it’s easy to switch.

Why SMART-Seq v4

SMART-Seq v4 marks the evolution of automated single-cell preparation for mRNA sequencing on the C1 system. The chemistry provides greater sensitivity to detect low-abundance or GC-rich transcripts while producing higher cDNA yield and better consistency among replicates to decrease technical variation. SMART-Seq v4 for C1 increases confidence and the likelihood of discovering true biological differences.

Performance data

The new chemistry uses locked nucleic acid technology integrated with SMART® technology to enhance the first-strand cDNA synthesis reaction. It also applies efficient SeqAmp™ polymerase to excel even in GC- and AT-rich regions. Perform lysis, reverse transcription and amplification procedures on C1 using the C1 mRNA Seq and Open App IFCs for greater precision and better data quality

SMART-Seq v4 delivers:

  • Improved efficiency. Detect up to 25% more transcripts than with SMART-Seq v1 and boost cDNA yield by up to 68%. 
  • Less variability. Achieve greater consistency between technical replicates than with SMART-Seq v1 data.
  • Lower running costs. Realize 30% less expense per sample, making large-scale single-cell studies more practical than ever.
  • Greater flexibility. Expand your capability with the C1 Open App program to develop and share single-cell methods on your existing instrument.

Life scientists aim for the highest performance possible while controlling costs. Clontech’s SMART-Seq v4 kit for C1 provides a best-in-class solution for single-cell transcriptome analysis that’s easy to adopt and less expensive than previous options. Download the protocol today for use on your C1.

Clontech SMART-SEQ v4 data

Clontech SMART-SEQ v4 data (green) shows greater sensitivity than v1 (blue).