Seminar | Linking T Cell Exhaustion to Disease with Mass Cytometry

Disease-specific features of exhausted CD8 T cells revealed

Disease-specific features of exhausted CD8 T cells revealed through epigenomic-guided mass cytometry

In this talk from the 7th Annual Mass Cytometry Summit in Prague, Dr. Bertram Bengsch from the University Medical Center Freiburg shares his latest research (Bengsch et al.) on using exhaustion-specific genes found in mice and humans to profile exhausted T cells (TEX) by mass cytometry in patients with HIV and lung cancer.

Hear Bengsch discuss:

  • combining an exhaustion severity metric with high-dimensional phenotypes to define TEX clusters shared across chronic infection and cancer or enriched in either disease
  • how mass cytometry led to the identification of at least nine distinct TEX clusters in HIV and lung cancer by phenotypic, functional and transcription factor and inhibitory receptor co-expression patterns
  • identification of combinatorial patterns of immunotherapy targets on different TEX clusters.

Bertram Bengsch

Bertram Bengsch, MD, PhD
Group Leader, Department of Internal Medicine II
University Medical Center Freiburg

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Bengsch, B. et al. “Epigenomic-guided mass cytometry profiling reveals disease-specific features of exhausted CD8 T cells.” Immunity 48 (2018): 1,029–1,045.e5.

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