Webinar | The Importance of Sample Tracking and Quality Assessment

The Importance of Sample Tracking and Quality Assessment

Flaws in the identity and quality of biorepository specimens produce misleading experimental data that cost research labs millions of dollars in wasted resources, and in some cases lead to erroneous publications that damage reputations. Given the high price of research and the current funding challenges facing many laboratories, there is greater demand on biorepositories to ensure sample integrity. Yet the biobanking process is prone to error. Sample identity and the integrity of genomic data are critical for execution of superior research. Particularly with complex multiphase studies, aliquots from a single specimen may be shared among researchers within a laboratory or with external collaborators and service providers. From high-throughput genomics centers to biorepositories or centralized cell line banks, ensuring accurate sample tracking and quality from acquisition through data reporting is a universally recognized priority. During this live webinar, we will detail the Advanta™ Sample ID Genotyping Panel, a 96-SNP genotyping assay that enables sample identification and quality assessment. Leveraging Fluidigm microfluidic technology, the Advanta Sample ID Genotyping Panel workflow offers a number of additional benefits to sample identification, including decreased hands-on time and significant cost savings compared to traditional qPCR methods.

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Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart
Senior Manager, Field Applications,

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