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“Scientists like you are making biological breakthroughs across the globe every week. The number of published papers is rising dramatically, apace with novel technologies and workflows.”

Stephen Hawking has deemed scientists “bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.” The new Publications pages in the recently launched Support section at are designed to provide a data-rich resource to fuel our collective path to scientific progress. Now you can access relevant periodical abstracts and link to PubMed or downloads from any computer or mobile device.

Our Publications pages are a convenient searchable library of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that use Fluidigm systems and technologies. Locate and save papers from esteemed researchers around the world, parsed by platform, application, year or most recent citations. If you’re using multiple Fluidigm systems, you can search publication titles or select a topic such as immunology for papers relevant across all product lines.

A practical discovery tool, our Publications pages help you track and filter new scientific papers. Use this resource to better understand areas of study like immunology, oncology, virology and stem cell research, and stay updated on ways biologists are applying scientific methods to your field of interest.

Scientists like you are making biological breakthroughs across the globe every week. The number of published papers is rising dramatically with the surge of new technologies and workflows. It’s a time-consuming and ongoing challenge to keep up with recent findings in single-cell genomics and proteomics.

In December 2015, for example, Impact Journals’ Oncotarget published results validating blood-based miRNA biomarkers for the early diagnosis of lung cancer. The paper, “High-throughput qRT-PCR validation of blood microRNAs in non-small cell lung cancer,” shows promise for developing more effective disease therapies and for distinguishing lung cancer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This important miRNA panel may soon play a vital role in boosting survival rates for oncology patients.

Streamlined access to relevant journal findings makes it easier to stay current on developing research methods and trends. Each abstract includes links for viewing articles or ordering full papers. You can print publications lists or save PDF files as available.

Our mission at Fluidigm is to simplify the complexity of understanding and applying biology. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we’ll keep the torch of discovery burning brightly. We hope you’ll find this new resource a valuable addition to our website. If you have thoughts to share, we welcome your feedback.



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