Webinar | The What, Why, and How of Immune Monitoring

The What, Why, and How of Immune Monitoring

Immune monitoring is an exciting approach for discovering immune biomarkers in the context of clinical trials and other research projects. Join Dr. El-ad David Amir of Astrolabe Diagnostics for a webinar about the basics of immune monitoring and its application in the context of mass cytometry.

Watch the webinar to know:

  • What is Immune Monitoring?
    Examining and quantifying the frequencies and states of the various cell subsets in the immune system and the interactions between them across milestones of interests in a patient's disease progression
  • Why Immune Monitoring?
    Reduce the complexity of the immune system into one or more biomarkers that, by means of regular measurements, provide insight into the health of the patient and contribute to some clinical benefit
  • How to Do Immune Monitoring?
    Watch this webinar below to find out.

About the presenter:

El-ad David Amir

El-ad David Amir, PhD
CEO and Co-founder,
Astrolabe Diagnostics, Inc

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