Webinar | Multiplex Imaging of Immune Cells in the Multiple Sclerosis Brain

Using IMC to characterize brain lesions in patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Learn how Salma Sheikh‐Mohamed, MSc, from University of Toronto used Imaging Mass Cytometry to visualize and characterize brain lesions in patients with Multiple Sclerosis in order to understand the relationship between progressive clinical disability and cortical demyelination.

In this recorded webinar, Sheikh‐Mohamed discusses:

  • how to define both phenotype and functional states of meningeal cells with a spatial context using IMC™
  • using IMC to obtain both quantitative and qualitative data from targeted cell types within the Multiple Sclerosis brain
  • characterization of cell heterogeneity within Multiple Sclerosis white matter lesions

Salma Sheikh‐Mohamed is a graduate student researcher in Jennifer Gommerman’s lab at the University of Toronto. The Gommerman lab studies autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and how such diseases are on the rise. While therapies for these diseases remain relatively non‐specific, some forms of autoimmunity, such as progressive MS, have no effective treatments. The lab focuses on understanding the mechanisms of immune dysregulation in autoimmune disease, particularly MS, and determining the role of TNF family members in immune cell biology.


Salma Sheikh‐Mohamed, MSc
Graduate Student Researcher
University of Toronto

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