Webinar | Understanding the Immune Composition

and Therapeutic Vulnerabilities of Human Lung Cancer using Imaging Mass Cytometry

Highly multiplex panels used to interrogate diverse immune populations and immuno-modulatory targets

Hear Dr. Kurt Schalper describe how research performed at the Translational Immuno-Oncology Laboratory at Yale Cancer Center uses Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) as one way to open new opportunities for biomarker discovery and identification of targets that can lead to patient selection for novel immunostimulatory therapies.

In this recorded webinar, Schalper discusses:

  • how his group deciphers the tumor microenvironment and its role in immuno-oncology using highly multiplexed panels
  • strategies for validation of multiplexing panels to interrogate diverse tumor and immune cell populations
  • the evaluation of antitumor immune responses and biomarker discovery
  • results from immunoprofiling with Imaging Mass Cytometry to uncover the immune composition of human non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Please join us for the webinar and an in-depth Q&A session that follows.

Kurt Schalper

Kurt Schalper, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Medicine (Medical Oncology)
Director Translational Immuno-Oncology Laboratory
Yale Cancer Center

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