Custom Assays


D3: Define. Design. Deliver.

Attain the precision you need for important genomic experiments and cellular studies with our interactive D3™ assay design service. Simply define your targets, and we'll design and deliver the ideal primers or metal-conjugated antibodies for your gene expression, genotyping, targeted DNA sequencing and cellular profiling research.

SNP Type Assays

Leverage the high-throughput and economical single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping solution made possible by allele-specific PCR with our SNP Type™ assays. Designed especially for Dynamic Array IFCs used with Biomark systems.

Delta Gene Assays

Realize the full potential of your Biomark system with minimal setup time and validated protocols that yield quality gene expression results. Just specify your genes of interest and target species to order our exclusive, high quality, economical and MIQE-compliant Delta Gene™ assays. Designed specifically for use with Dynamic Array™ IFCs.

Maxpar Antibodies

Analyze a variety of proteins in cell populations with our ready-to-use antibodies. Select your own markers or choose from our premade panel kits and combine them with additional Maxpar® antibodies to create a study-specific panel. Created specifically for use with CyTOF® and Helios® systems.

Access Array Assays

Maximize your sequencing output with our exceptional targeted amplicon-library preparation assays. Each quality primer delivers a high degree of specificity and uniform coverage of your loci of interests while excluding undesired regions. Created exclusively for Access Array™ integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs).