Custom Assays

D3: Define. Design. Deliver.

Fluidigm D3™ assay design is a web-based tool to streamline assay design for gene expression, genotyping and next-generation sequencing (NGS) studies with Fluidigm genomic analysis workflows. Our intuitive user interface helps you create high-coverage assay panels with only a few clicks. Simply define your targets and we will design and deliver the ideal primers for your project.

Targeted DNA Seq Library Assays

Maximize your NGS scalability and efficiency with our exceptional targeted amplicon library preparation assays. Each quality assay delivers a high degree of specificity and uniform coverage for your loci of interest while excluding undesired regions. Targeted DNA Seq Library Assays are for use with Juno™ and Access Array™ systems.

Access Array Target-Specific Primers

Access Array Target-Specific Primers allow fast, simple and inexpensive preparation for a large number of amplicons. They are ideal for analysis across focused genomic regions to better understand human genetic variation. Access Array Target Specific Primers are for use with the Access Array system.

SNP Type Assays

SNP Type™ assays provide a high-throughput, low-cost single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping solution enabling rapid assay design for efficient variant screening. The assays are based on allele-specific PCR SNP detection chemistry and are available for use with Fluidigm IFC technology on Biomark HD, EP1™ and Juno™ systems.

Delta Gene qPCR Gene Expression Assays

Realize the full potential of your Biomark™ HD system with minimal setup time and validated protocols that yield quality gene expression results. Just specify your genes of interest and target species to order our exclusive, high-quality, economical and MIQE-compliant Delta Gene™ assays—designed specifically for use with Dynamic Array™ integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs).