Script Hub Get Started

What is Script Hub 

Script Hub gives every lab access to the latest single-cell applications. Scripts available on Script Hub are developed by the C1 user community to help you advance your research. Now you have a central hub to provide the resources and tools you need to readily implement new methods on your C1.  

With Script Hub, you can easily adjust and implement new experimental methods as your research strategy evolves on your existing Fluidigm technology.

How to navigate

To see all the available scripts, you can navigate by selecting an application, such as Cell Biology or Single-Cell Genomics. You can refine your results by a key word search, and then sort or filter.  

How to download scripts 

To download a script, you need to be a registered user. Navigate to the script of interest.  Click Download.

Validation level digest 

Fluidigm rates submitted scripts based on the level of scientific validation. These ratings help users evaluate methods before implementing them. 

Validation Level Definitions

L4 Fully, wet-lab validated to confirm performance to published specifications. Tested on at least 5 distinct sample types with 3 biological replicates per sample. The data is publicly available and/ or published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Published in a peer-reviewed publication and:

Utilized by 3 independent users with satisfactory results


Utilized 3 or more sample types with satisfactory results.


Protocols which have been published in a peer-reviewed journal without replication or verification by an independent user or laboratory.


Unpublished protocols which have been run by at least 3 independent users.


Unpublished protocols which have been run by at least 3 sample types with satisfactory results.


Unpublished protocols which have been uploaded but not yet independently confirmed by other users.

How to access your scripts

Script Hub keeps track of all the scripts you submitted for publication or downloaded on your MY SCRIPTS page.

How to manage your scripts 

You can add publications or data, update or inactivate scripts, change script owners, or view or reply to discussions.  On your MY SCRIPTS page, click DISCUSSION, EDIT, or MANAGE for the script of interest. 

How to post a discussion

To post a discussion, you need to log in. Navigate to the script of interest. Click DISCUSSION and POST DISCUSSION.

How to get help

If you need help using Script Hub, contact Fluidigm technical support.

To get help with specific scripts, post a discussion on the script page of interest.

How to generate and contribute scripts

After you modify or develop new scripts for your C1 System using C1 Script Builder, you can share your new application with the single-cell community using Script Hub. 

Fluidigm evaluates every script submitted to Script Hub in an effort to provide users with a successful experience.

A successful script submission will contain:


  • Method overview
  • Authors, institution, and lab
  • The cell types researched
  • Performance description (e.g., mapped reads, standard deviations, and so forth)
  • Estimated preparation time (hrs)
  • Number of IFC runs
  • All associated reagents, primer sequences, and concentrations