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    mRNA Seq HT
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C1 mRNA Seq HT maximizes your single-cell study size while minimizing library preparation and sequencing costs. This efficient workflow makes it easy for C1 users to pursue large-scale studies to explore heterogeneity and discover novel cell populations. The C1 mRNA Seq HT IFCs innovative architecture allows users to capture up to 800 single-cells and apply a cell barcode at first strand synthesis. Then, the IFC harvests barcoded cDNA into 20 multiplexed pools of 40 single cells each for library prep. This unique chemistryreduces both hands-on time and library preparation expense. The chemistry also employs a 3 end-counting strategy to increase sample pooling and throughput. Download the C1 mRNA Sequencing Data Sheet to learn more.

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Protocol: mRNA Seq HTDuration (H:M): 6:00

Cell Load and Stain

Sample Prep

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Tested Primary Cells or Cell Lines

Cell Name Cell Type Source
K562 Human leukemia Cell line
3T3 Mouse fibroblast Cell line
Cortical Neurons Human neuron Primary
ESC Mouse stem cell Primary
Cardiomyocyte Mouse cardiovascular Primary
Glioblastoma Human neuron Primary


This protocol was tested on a diverse set of cell line and primary samples. We found that it routinely detects >4,000 genes per cell with TPM>1. For more information on performance, please see the C1 mRNA Sequencing Data Sheet.

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