Biomodal SIngle-Cell Omics


Ansuman Satpathy, Howard Chang et al
Howard Y Chang, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, CA

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Combined T cell receptor (TCR) and ATAC to allow investigation of the epigenetic landscape and the TCR simultaneously. This method allows the discovery of antigens that drive T cell fate or cis and trans regulators that drive the expansion of a T cell clone.

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Protocol: C1 T-ATAC sequencing Duration (H:M): 2:00

Cell Load

Sample Prep

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Tested Primary Cells or Cell Lines

Cell Name Cell Type Source
K562 Cancer Cell line
CD4+ T cells Immune Primary
58alphabeta negative hybridoma Immune Cell line


Applying T-ATAC seq to samples from T cell leukemia tissues enables the identification of cancer clone-specific epigenomic signatures unobservable from ensemble methods. This provides combined TCR specificity and T cell epigenomic state.

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