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The Fluidigm C1 system with C1 96 mRNA sequencing and C1 96 Open App IFCs with reagents from the NEBNext Single Cell/Low Input cDNA Synthesis and Amplification Module (NEB PN ES421L) can be used together to produce full length, amplified cDNA ready for whole transcriptome single-cell mRNA sequenicng library preparation. The C1 96 mRNA sequencing and Open App IFCs (with appropriate module kits) from Fluidigm along with the chemistry kit from NEB contains the enzymes and buffers required to convert RNA from cultured and primary cells isolated with the C1 system into high quality amplified cDNA.

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Protocol: NEBNext mRNA SequencingDuration (H:M): 2:00

Cell Load and Stain

Sample Prep

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Tested Primary Cells or Cell Lines

Cell Name Cell Type Source
HeLa Cervical cancer Cell line
Human activated T cells Immune Primary


We tested HeLa cell lines and human activated T cells. In our in-house testing HeLa and activated T cells both achieved >90% reads mapped to genome. Further to this both HeLa and activated T cells achieved >80% reads mapping to RefSeq. In HeLa cells we detect >8000 genes and in activated T cells we detect between 3000-4000 genes.

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