SMARTer total RNA-seq

mRNA Sequencing

Verboom K. et al.
Center for Medical Genetics Ghent, Ghent University

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We developed an easy to use and efficient single cell total RNA sequencing workflow based on the SMARTer stranded total RNA-seq kit - pico input mammalian (Takara) including a ribodepletion step at the cDNA level with specific probes. Full length cDNA of polyadenylated as well as non-polyadenylated transcripts is generated using random primers and the SMARTer principle.

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Protocol: SMARTer single cell total RNA sequencingDuration (H:M): 8:00

Cell Load and Stain

Sample Prep

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Tested Primary Cells or Cell Lines

Cell Name Cell Type Source
NGP Neuroblastoma Cell line
SK-N-BE-2C neuroblasoma Cell line
SHSY5Y-MYCN-TR Neuroblastoma Cell line


The method generates cDNA of polyadenylated as well as non polyadenylated transcripts.

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