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The single-cell total RNA application on C1 enables full characterization of the transcriptome in single-cells. By retaining both polyadenylated and non-polyadenylated RNA analysis of long non-coding RNAs, enhancer RNAs, histone mRNAs, miRNA and other non-polyadenylated RNAs can be achieved. Using either the C1 Open App or mRNA sequencing integrated fluidic circuits (IFC) along with the Takara Bio SMART-Seq stranded kit the total RNA from single-cells can be studied bringing a fuller representation of the transcriptome in single-cells.

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Protocol: Total RNA-SeqDuration (H:M): 1:00

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Sample Prep

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Tested Primary Cells or Cell Lines

Cell Name Cell Type Source
K562 Cancer Cell line
HL60 Blood Cell line
T cells Stimulated human Primary
HeLa Cancer Cell line


Comparing total RNA-Seq and polyadenylated methods such as SMART-Seq v4 we observe an increasing diversity of gene detection. In HL60 and K562 cells our total RNA-Seq method demonstrates more genes detected (with greater diversity) with an increasing number of mapped reads meaning that more non-coding RNA biotypes can be interrogated in the total RNA-Seq protocol compared to SMART-Seq v4.

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