25 Open Positions

Position Number Job Title Job Locations
2020-3190 Associate Director I.T. MS Dynamics AX Applications US
2020-3188 Director, Product Management- Maxpar Reagents CA-Markham
2020-3185 Senior Manager, Sales - Genomics JP-Tokyo
2020-3181 Field Application Specialist II (Central United States) US-Houston, US-Chicago, US-Missouri
2020-3180 Senior Manager SEC and Technical Accounting US-South San Francisco
2020-3174 Field Application Specialist - Imaging Mass Cytometry (Southeastern US) US-Atlanta
2020-3172 Senior Administrative Assistant US-South San Francisco
2020-3170 Field Applications Specialist (Nordics, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) UK
2020-3167 Senior Manager, Product Management CA-Markham
2020-3166 Sr. Administrative Assistant - Marketing US-South San Francisco
2020-3165 Manufacturing Scientist CA-Markham
2020-3160 Regional Sales Manager, Microfluidics Genomics, Benelux and Nordics NL-Amsterdam
2020-3159 Regional Sales Manager, Genomics, Germany (South) Germany
2020-3158 Regional Sales Manager, Genomics, Germany (North) Germany
2020-3157 Regional Sales Manager, France, Genomics (South) FR
2020-3147 Sr. Contract Recruiter II-part-time US-South San Francisco
2020-3134 Senior Marketing Manager CN-Shanghai
2019-3132 Field Applications Specialist - Microfluidics CN-Shanghai, CN-Beijing, CN-Guangzhou
2019-3131 Regional Sales Manager - Microfluidics CN-Beijing, CN-Shanghai, CN-Guangzhou
2019-3130 Field Applications Specialist - Mass Cytometry CN-Shanghai, CN-Beijing, CN-Guangzhou
2019-3122 Channel Manager - South Korea KR-Seoul
2019-3120 Senior Business Development Manager - Imaging Mass Cytometry WEST US-South San Francisco
2019-3093 Research Associate II US-South San Francisco
2019-3057 Business Analyst US-South San Francisco
2014-1068 iCIMS Test Job US