Product # Product Clone Tag Tds Target  
201066 Maxpar® Perm-S Buffer—250 mL TDS
201070 Washing Solution, E-Pure—1L
201063 Maxpar® Nuclear Antigen Staining Buffer Set—120 Tests
201057 Maxpar® 10X Barcode Perm Buffer—50 mL
201068 Maxpar® Cell Staining Buffer—500 mL
201240 Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution—200 mL TDS
201065 Maxpar® Fix I Buffer—50 mL TDS
201058 Maxpar® PBS—500 mL TDS
201241 Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution—200 mL (6 Packs) TDS
201071 Washing Solution, E-Pure—250 mL
201072 Tuning Solution—250 mL
201067 Maxpar® Fix and Perm Buffer—100 mL
201069 Maxpar® Water—500 mL TDS
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