A mass-ratiometry-based CD45 barcoding methods for mass cytometry detection

Meng, H., Warden, A., Zhang, L. et al.

Mass cytometry (CyTOF) is a critical cell profiling tool in acquiring multiparameter proteome data at the single-cell level. A major challenge in CyTOF analysis is sample-to-sample variance arising from the pipetting process, staining variation, and instrument sensitivity. To reduce such variations, cell barcoding strategies that enable the combination of individual samples prior to antibody staining and data acquisition on CyTOF are often utilized. The most prevalent barcoding strategy is based on a binary scheme that cross-examines the existence or nonexistence of certain mass signals; however, it is limited by low barcoding efficiency and high cost, especially for large sample size. Herein, we present a novel barcoding method for CyTOF application based on mass ratiometry. Different mass tags with specific fixed ratios are used to label CD45 antibody to achieve sample barcoding. The presented method exponentially increases the number of possible barcoded samples with the same amount of mass tags compared with conventional methods. It also reduces the overall time for the labeling process to 40 min and avoids the need for expensive commercial barcoding buffer reagents. Moreover, unlike the conventional barcoding process, this strategy does not pre-permeabilize cells before the barcoding procedure, which offers additional benefits in preserving surface biomarker signals.


Meng, H., Warden, A., Zhang, L. et al. "A mass-ratiometry-based CD45 barcoding methods for mass cytometry detection" SLAS Technology (2019): doi: 10.1177/2472630319834057