A time to amaze, a time to settle down, and a time to discover

Cosma, A.

The breakthrough manuscript of Bendall et al. in 2011 demonstrated the capacity to raise the number of measurable parameters per single cells to more than 30 by using the technology of mass cytometry; being able to measure, theoretically, up to 100 parameters. A series of successive amazing manuscripts followed this first description of the signaling pathway in hematopoietic cells by mass cytometry. Newell et al. combined high-throughput CD8 T-cell epitope mapping to detailed phenotype analysis. Zunder et al. applied mass cytometry to the analysis of induced pluripotent stem cells providing a detailed view of molecular events during cellular reprogramming. The use of mass cytometry for the immunology field has been recently reviewed showing a wide range of possible applications.


Cosma, A. "A time to amaze, a time to settle down, and a time to discover" Cytometry Part A (2015): 795–6