Application of single cell sequencing in cancer

Yu, L., Zhao, H., Meng, L. et al.

Cancer is a heterogenetic disease at both the level of clinical manifestation and the level of the genome. Single-cell sequencing provides an unprecedented means of characterizing the intra-tumor heterogeneity and detecting and analyzing the genomes of cancer cells. These data will help to reconstruct the understanding of the evolutionary lineage of cancer cells. In the future, single-cell technology is believed to be a useful tool in diagnostic and prognostic application in oncology. The application of single cell technology in clinics will make it possible to detect cancer non-invasively at early stages and to develop precision medicine. In this chapter, we review the research and application status of the single cell technology in cancer.


Yu, L., Zhao, H., Meng, L. et al. "Application of single cell sequencing in cancer" Single Cell Biomedicine (2018): 135-148