CytoBinning: immunological insights from multi-dimensional data

Shen, Y., Chaigne-Delalande, B., Lee, R.W.J. et al.

New cytometric techniques continue to push the boundaries of multi-parameter quantitative data acquisition at the single-cell level particularly in immunology and medicine. Sophisticated analysis methods for such ever higher dimensional datasets are rapidly emerging, with advanced data representations and dimensional reduction approaches. However, these are not yet standardized and clinical scientists and cell biologists are not yet experienced in their interpretation. More fundamentally their range of statistical validity is not yet fully established. We therefore propose a new method for the automated and unbiased analysis of high-dimensional single cell datasets that is simple and robust, with the goal of reducing this complex information into a familiar 2D scatter plot representation that is of immediate utility to a range of biomedical and clinical settings. Using publicly available flow cytometry and mass cytometry datasets we demonstrate that this method (termed CytoBinning), recapitulates the results of traditional manual cytometric analyses and leads to new and testable hypotheses.


Shen, Y., Chaigne-Delalande, B., Lee, R.W.J. et al. "CytoBinning: immunological insights from multi-dimensional data" PLoS One (2018): e0205291