High standards for high dimensional investigations

Montgomery, R.R.

Advances in research methods that create large datasets have motivated innovations in experimental measurement standards to promote comparison between datasets and among lab groups. Such increases in data sharing can accelerate progress in complex experimental systems by providing access to more data than is available from any one lab alone. This is particularly valuable in revealing variations in human translational studies where differences among study subjects may be subtle but are nonetheless critical for understanding divergent health outcomes. The focus on complex interactions in precision medicine–such as immune-mediated pathogenesis and in depth profiling studies–has led investigators to produce many such datasets and created the need for meaningful data sharing. The large datasets generated present opportunities for tremendous advances through additional data-mining and re-use of data for new users. Consideration of this need has launched a call to action internationally for common standards in experimental data collection, health data standards in clinical settings, as well as efforts in data annotation and reporting nomenclature. 


Montgomery, R.R. "High standards for high dimensional investigations" Cytometry Part A (2016): 886-888