Kupffer cell characterization by mass cytometry

Blériot, C.,Li, S.,Newell, E.

Kupffer cells are the liver-resident macrophages lining the sinusoids and are mostly known for their role of scavengers, as crucial keepers of organ integrity. But due to the many fundamental functions of the liver notably linked to detoxication, metabolism, protein synthesis, or immunology, Kupffer cells are exposed to a dynamic environment and constantly adapt themselves by modulating their gene and protein expressions. In this context, the characterization of these cells at steady-state and upon challenges may be limited by the classical microscopy or flow cytometry which allow for the use of only few selected markers. On the other end, transcriptomic approach, although being very powerful, can be costly and time-consuming. So mass cytometry offers a good compromise, allowing for the monitoring of a representative set of markers (up to 40) in a simple experiment. Herein, we describe a straightforward experimental and analysis workflow for Kupffer cell characterization by mass cytometry.

Keywords: CyTOF; Immunology; Kupffer cells; Macrophages; Mass cytometry.


Blériot, C.,Li, S.,Newell, E. "Kupffer cell characterization by mass cytometry" Methods in Molecular Biology (2020): DOI: 10.1007/978-1-0716-0704-6_10