Protein networks and activation of lymphocytes

Helou, Y.A., Salomon, A.R.

The signal transduction pathways initiated by lymphocyte activation play a critical role in regulating host immunity. High-resolution mass spectrometry has accelerated the investigation of these complex and dynamic pathways by enabling the qualitative and quantitative investigation of thousands of proteins and phosphoproteins simultaneously. In addition, the unbiased and wide-scale identification of protein-protein interaction networks and protein kinase substrates in lymphocyte signaling pathways can be achieved by mass spectrometry-based approaches. Critically, the integration of these discovery-driven strategies with single-cell analysis using mass cytometry can facilitate the understanding of complex signaling phenotypes in distinct immunophenotypes.


Helou, Y.A., Salomon, A.R. "Protein networks and activation of lymphocytes" Current Opinion in Immunology (2015): 78–85