Ratiometric Barcoding for Mass Cytometry

Wu, X., DeGottardi, Q., Wu, I.C. et al.

Barcoding is of importance for high-throughput cellular and molecular analysis. A ratiometric barcoding strategy using lanthanide-coordinated polymer dots (Ln-Pdots) was developed for mass cytometric analysis. By using 3 metal isotopes and 4 ratio intensity levels, 16 barcodes were generated to code, and later decode, cell samples in mass cytometry. The ratiometric Ln-Pdot barcodes not only provided high-mass-signal intensities but also eliminated the bias caused by different concentrations of the labeling reagents/barcodes and run-to-run differences in cell labeling efficiency. The ability to distinguish clearly the 16 sets of labeled MCF-7 cells with mass cytometry demonstrated the excellent resolving power of the ratiometric Ln-Pdot barcodes. Furthermore, the results from barcoding PBMC samples via CD45-specific cellular targeting indicated that the ratiometric Ln-Pdot barcodes could facilitate mass cytometry in high-throughput and multiplexed analysis, especially with precious human samples.


Wu, X., DeGottardi, Q., Wu, I.C. et al. "Ratiometric Barcoding for Mass Cytometry" Analytical Chemistry (2018): 10,688–94