Signal amplification for Imaging Mass Cytometry

Rana, R., Gómez-Biagi, R.F., Bassan, J., et al.

An enzyme-catalyzed reporter deposition stain has been developed for Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC). The reagent consists of an alkaline phosphatase substrate tethered to a tellurophene which serves as reporter group for mass cytometry. Upon phosphate hydrolysis, a quinone methide is released which covalently labels local nucleophiles. This strategy is a useful complement to heavy isotope antibody conjugates as it facilitates signal amplification for low-abundance biomarker detection. The workflow is conveniently integrated with standard IMC antibody staining to allow multiparametric antigen detection.


Rana, R., Gómez-Biagi, R.F., Bassan, J., et al. "Signal amplification for Imaging Mass Cytometry" Bioconjugate Chemistry (2019): 2,805-2,810