Stabilizing antibody cocktails for mass cytometry

Schulz,A.R., Baumgart,S., Schulze,J. et al.

Mass cytometry is increasingly employed in larger immune profiling studies involving data acquisitions across several days and multiple sites. For gaining a maximum of information from respective data by computational analyses, several techniques have been developed to minimize noise in mass cytometric data sets, such as sample banking, standardized instrument setup, sample barcoding, and signal normalization. However, the repeated preparation of cocktails composed of isotope-tagged antibodies remained a significant source of error. We here show that premixed antibody cocktails fail to deliver expected staining patterns when stored at 4°C for 4 weeks. As a solution, we developed and tested a cryopreservation method for highly multiplexed antibody cocktails for mass cytometry including lanthanide, palladium, and platinum conjugates that yielded stable staining patterns for at least 9 months when stored at temperatures below -80°C. Using frozen aliquots of antibody cocktails is an economic and flexible approach to significantly improve data consistency in large mass cytometry studies with repetitive staining/measurement cycles spanning several days or involving multiple data acquisition sites.


Schulz,A.R., Baumgart,S., Schulze,J. et al. "Stabilizing antibody cocktails for mass cytometry" Cytometry Part A (2019): doi: 10.1002/cyto.a.23781.