Twenty (forward looking) questions

Hassell, L.A., Wagar, E.A.

The old proverb about the sudden appearance of the teacher when the student is ready to learn has been a good guide for our roles as both learners and teachers. Select business schools have long recognized this truth about motivated learners and hence have given admissions preference to students with enough “real-life” experience in the business world to know the “questions” that they don’t know the answers for. For pathologists it is not uncommon to come away from a course with a few “ahha!” moments of recognition regarding that puzzling case they had last week or last month. The day-to-day problem solving nature of our work brings us an unending supply of stumper cases and problems to motivate lifelong learning. But sometimes, one needs a wake-up call of sorts to see if there are more questions and answers that might be worth thinking about. This kind of intense dosing of challenging questions to further motivate learners with new questions is also a valid learning technique.


Hassell, L.A., Wagar, E.A. "Twenty (forward looking) questions" Journal of Pathology Informatics (2014): 27