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February 25 - 27, 2015 |

Tomorrow’s breakthroughs require more than fast sequencing. To unravel complex biological problems, you need to understand the heterogeneity within your samples, look deeper into every cell’s function and build comprehensive studies. This year, think bigger and broader about your experimental approach. 

Why wait for tomorrow when you need to do it today? At AGBT 2015, Fluidigm revealed how our new product announcements can expand your lab’s capabilities.  

Conduct functional genomic studies on individual cells using the Polaris™ system.

  • Finally, execute the dose response and time course studies you always dreamed of but could never perform. Now you can integrate cell biology and molecular analysis at the single-cell level to accurately correlate gene expression with physiological response.

Survey the heterogeneity in your samples with our new high-throughput single-cell mRNA Seq application 

  • With the C1™ system, now you can simultaneously sequence the transcriptomes of up to 800 individual cells to identify critical cell sub-populations and profile rare cell types. Maximize your sequencing efficiency to reveal sample heterogeneity.

Explore tumor clonality using single-cell DNA sequencing

  • Using our new C1 single-cell DNA seq application, you can explore clonal diversity within each tumor at the whole genome, whole exome and targeted gene levels and finally associate particular variants with specific cell populations.  

Screen hundreds to thousands of genes to build complete studies

  • Don’t eliminate candidate targets just to fit the limitations of your current targeted sequencing platform. Cast a wider net with our new high-throughput target enrichment protocol on Access Array™ using Juno™.  Now you can sequence up to 5,000 genomic loci across hundreds of samples. It is the easiest targeted sequencing workflow you will ever use.

Don’t just sequence; find answers in 2015. Check out our archived AGBT 2015 materials to learn how we can expand your research to unravel the significance of every cell. Get a leg up on the competition—don’t be left behind.

Fluidigm at AGBT 2015


Revolutionizing our view of the genome and transcriptome through innovative sequencing workflows. Learn about new ways to reveal rare cell populations, identify their functions and survey the genetic traits driving them.
Marc Unger, PhD
Senior VP of R&D
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Fluidigm Poster

Learn how we’re expanding the C1 system to support single-cell protein expression.
Unlocking Protein Expression in Single Cells Using the Fluidigm C1 System
Ilona Holcomb, PhD, Fluidigm
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