5th European Congress of Immunology

September 2-5, 2018 | RAI Amsterdam | The Netherlands

5th European Congress of Immunology

September 2-5, 2018

RAI Amsterdam | The Netherlands


Join us at the 5th European Congress of Immunology for a lunchtime symposium

Date: Tuesday, 4 September
Venue: RAI Amsterdam
Location: G102-103

Box lunch will be provided.

Amy Hamilton Amy Hamilton
Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Fluidigm
Introduction to Helios™ and the Hyperion™ Imaging System

Petter Brodin Petter Brodin, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Science for Life Laboratory, Karolinska Institutet and Department of Neonatology, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm
Advancing Human Systems Immunology

Frits Koning Frits Koning, PhD
Professor, Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion, Leiden University Medical Center
Analysis of the human mucosal immune system by Mass Cytometry reveals tissue and disease-associated immune signatures

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During our symposium, Dr. Petter Brodin will outline recently developed technological advances in analyzing small-volume blood samples from newborn children by mass cytometry. He will also describe methods for integrating mass cytometry data with other data types, such as plasma protein concentrations and clinical data, to obtain a systems-level understanding of the human immune system in health and disease.

Dr. Frits Koning will present his use of both mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry to identify and characterize distinct cell subsets of the human mucosal immune system in inflammatory intestinal diseases, and will discuss how these methods may pave the way for optimized and personalized therapeutic approaches.

To learn more about Human Immune Monitoring on the Helios, click here

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