Single Cells: Technology to Biology

February 24–26, 2019 | A*STAR Genome Institute of Singapore

Single Cells: Technology to Biology

February 24–26, 2019

A*STAR Genome Institute of Singapore


Empowering the single-cell journey

The single-cell revolution is just starting, with advances in multimodal analyses and assays enabling breakthroughs in the study of cell identity, diversity, cellular characterization and function.

At Fluidigm, we have evolved with the single-cell community to build an extensive range of applications designed to equip researchers with new single-cell technologies. In addition, we enable comprehensive cellular and molecular profiling of the immune system and the tumor microenvironment with proven mass cytometry, Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) and automated microfluidics solutions.

Visit our booth to learn more about how Fluidigm technologies are powering advances in single-cell biology.

Single Cells: Technology to Biology

Exhibit Dates:
February 24-26, 2019

Exhibit Location:
A*STAR Genome Institute of Singapore
Matrix’s Breakthrough, Discovery, Exploration and Creation foyers and theatrettes
30 Biopolis Street, Matrix Building, Level 4
Singapore 138671

Featured Products

Come visit our booth and learn how you can deeply profile tumors and the tumor immune response from every angle.


The future is Functional Genomics. Explore seamless integration of cell biology and molecular analysis at the single-cell level with the Polaris system.



Reveal the diversity of immune cell subpopulations and T cell receptor clonotypes in health and disease states at single-cell resolution.


Hyperion™ Imaging System

Comprehensively interrogate complex cellular phenotypes and their interrelationships in the context of the tumor microenvironment with Imaging Mass Cytometry™.

Hyperion Imaging System


Deeply profile immune and tumor cell populations for phenotype and function, all in a single tube.

Helios, a CyTOF System

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